Our Story

Immersed in the bustling world of fashion manufacturing, we've been crafting quality clothing for brands and retailers for decades. One issue, however, started to come into sharp focus: surplus clothing. This dilemma birthed Givingz.com – an innovative solution to the surplus problem, transforming excess into chances for sustainability and social impact.

The Beginning

As a seasoned clothing manufacturer, we had a unique insight into the fashion industry's ebb and flow. We saw firsthand how fluctuating trends and seasonal shifts often led to surplus inventory. These never-worn, high-quality garments were either hidden away in warehouses or, worse, discarded into landfills. The COVID-19 pandemic heightened the surplus clothing issue, propelling us into action.

The Vision

Our vision for Givingz.com was crystal clear: we wanted to extend the lifecycle of our surplus clothing, champion sustainable consumption, and contribute to causes that matter. We aspired to redefine the destiny of our garments, transforming a potential waste problem into a sustainable fashion solution for positive change.

The Journey

Manifesting this vision was no small task. We built a completely new platform, meticulously curated our surplus inventory, and chose causes that align with our core values. Each detail was contemplated with an unwavering commitment to sustainability, community impact, and customer satisfaction.

The Impact

Every purchase on Givingz.com goes beyond obtaining a piece of quality clothing; it contributes to causes of great significance. From fighting homelessness to supporting education, your purchases aid these vital initiatives. The impact goes even further, as choosing Givingz.com means joining a sustainable fashion movement, reducing waste, and advocating for ethical consumption.

The Future

Our surplus inventory sparked the inception of Givingz.com, but our mission extends far beyond that. We are committed to addressing surplus clothing on a larger scale, within the entire industry. We envision partnering with other brands and retailers, offering their surplus inventory a new purpose, and widening the impact we can create together.

Join Us

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable and conscious fashion industry. By shopping at Givingz.com, you're making a choice that benefits you, the planet, and our community. Together, we can revolutionize the fashion industry, one garment at a time.